“Behind every great leader, there was an even greater logistician.” ~ M. Cox

The seed is an important input in the production of the crop. Diverse agro-climatic changes in India can disrupt seed availability and affect the crop quality which results in reduced agricultural productivity in some areas. Long-distance transportation will involve in the distribution of seeds to affected areas. Delivering seeds to storage centers and from storage center to distribution points to reach end-users on time requires a lot of money and involves loss of seed viability. In order to reduce the transportation cost, Seed Companies are advised to maintain seed distribution centers for meeting demand varieties at those specific locations. To build the most efficient distribution systems in different locations requires a lot of capital investment, time and expenditure. For surviving in this competitive market businesses were willingly looking for an alternative to meet all their needs with an increasing demand to be innovating, and embracing new technologies. So, the term outsourcing became the new buzzword in the business industry across the globe. It played a very important role in the growth of the business and reduced the burden of non-core activities.

Considering the above-mentioned phenomenon we examined the present status of the Indian seed industry and possibilities of high volume seed production to adjust high-value crops and to formulate the strategy for sustaining the seed industry. It is well known that the supply chain is an integral part of businesses and plays a crucial role in company success and customer satisfaction.

Feedback from farmers’ organizations:

According to Access to Seeds Index 2019 Report, there is an inadequate supply of seeds by the formal system in index countries, certified seeds are supplied by companies and government bodies. In many countries, the quantities available do not meet farmer demand. In addition, seeds of popular varieties are not available at the right time or place during the planting season. A lack of harmonized supply chain to facilitate the movement of seeds within and between countries further hampers adequate supply. Farmers are therefore calling upon companies to increase the supply of certified quality seeds in index countries.

How better supply chain can benefit you:

  • Boost Customer Service
  • Delivery of goods in the right quantity, at right place and the right time
  • Improve Financial Position
  • Lower Costs & Higher Benefits
  • Offers Flexible Pricing Options
  • Real-Time Inventory Management
  • Reduce Operating Costs
  • Reduces time required to reach products to end-users
  • Reduces logistics burden
  • Reduction In Capital Expenditure
  • The smooth operation of production: The producers need not make the management of distribution centers and warehouse. The producers can take care in the production, the timely payment by intermediaries and financial help
  • Wider choice of channel alternatives during drastic environmental factors

Who we are?

Jam Jam Group is a customer centric conglomerate that started its journey in 1995. We have a presence in 12 locations across India. From manufacturing cloth bags for seed companies, it has now diversified into cold storage, seed processing, seed treatment, Agri bioproducts, warehousing, packing and repacking in 2019.

The population is increasing day by day. To feed the ever-growing population we have to increase the horizontal as well as a vertical expansion of agriculture. The productivity of major seed & food grains has increased due to the development of seed centered technology and it received huge momentum. Under existing technological backup, the Indian seed industry may capable to produce high quality seeds due to wide variability of agro ecological situations in the country. To increase productivity, the question of the quality seed comes to the fore.

Seed marketing in developing countries is affected by the following challenges:

  • Damage of seed due to the insecurity of the store
  • Fake seeds in the market
  • Insect /pests and diseases
  • Lack of intermediaries and minimal distribution beyond commercial centers.
  • Long distance to seed retailers
  • Poor order fill and on-time delivery performance
  • Processing and storage capacity
  • Transport and handling into the processing plant
  • Unpredictable and unattractive prices for grains (Mostly after harvest immediately)

What we do?

More than 24 Years of experience and unwavering presence in providing reliable, economical and feasible solutions. Our motto is to be a one-stop solution for Agri Storage – Packing. We pledge to build a customer-centric company by adopting the latest technologies and standards to fight against the agronomical and allied challenges and help our customers and end-users prosper.

How JAM JAM GROUP helps you to stimulate seed sales?

Our Highlights:

  • 12 Locations across India: Hyderabad, Raipur, Bangalore, Ahmadabad & Delhi. Locations integrated with best in class machinery
  • 27 Processing lines: Matches any client requirement 2 TPH – 25 TPH Processing capacities. 40,000 tons of seed processed per year. World-class best processing lines equipped with latest technology machinery from Cimbria, PETKUS Germany
  • 6 Million CFT cold storage capacity
  • 40 Lac Packets delivered in 2019. Multiple dedicated facilities with 4 Lac Packets/day capacities. Bulking, stacking and labeling.
  • Reduce logistics burden: Processing lines integrated with huge warehouse capacity and cold storages are located adjacent to each other across 12 locations in India.
  • No need for any Capital Investment: No need to maintain equipment and facilities. We also offer warehouse for rent/lease
  • Seed Conditioning and Treatment: Pre-cleaning, Fine-cleaner, Grading, Seed Sizer, Gravity Separation and Film Coating.
  • Appropriately sized seed packs: Blending, Treatment, Drying and Packing along with Automated Secondary Packing (Packaging type and size; Quality standards; Labelling details; Seed dressings)
  • Repacking – Market return Handling
  • Physical Inspections of the Individual Product & Packet: Highly competent and committed staff, continuous remote monitoring
  • 500% Year on Year Growth until 2019
  • 8 Lac SFT warehousing capacity: For goods from manufacturers, importers, exporters, and transport businesses.
  • 75+ Clients: Including world-class seed companies: Monsanto, Metahelix, SeedWorks, Savannah, Mahyco Grow, Dow Seeds, HYTECH, JK Seeds
  • Award-Winning Customer Support – Best Extended support under seed processing category – METAHELIX
  • Customized cubicles to maintain vigor and vitality of seed from procurement to provision
  • 24X7 Security

 “JAM JAM GROUP – Explore the Journey of Seed here”

The Journey Of Seed Starts Here

The vision and agritechno – entrepreneurial spirit of the founders, the adoption of latest technologies, tools, and state of art facilities, and the commitment of skilled workforce have enabled the company to grow from strength to strength and win the confidence of the customers. We strive to preserve and conserve the seed and other perishable items as per stipulated technical standards and maintain freshness, quality, and shelf-life. We are ready to help with any of your queries.

Reach us today: +91 8340937776 or Email to marketing@jamjamgroup.com

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