Grains & Pulses

Grains & Pulses

JAM JAM GROUP – A Complete Setup Under One Roof. Fully Automated Processing & Packing Lines With Integrated Cold Storage That Can Match Any Client Requirement.
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We Have A Common Mission To Deliver The Best Possible Solution On Time And On Budget.

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Improving Profitability of Seed Companies and Farmers.

What We Do?





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1. Enhance the nutritive value from a given type of grain.
2. Breaking the grain coating to expose the starch.
3. Improve the digestibility and/or caloric intake of existing grain starch.
4. Produce a good quality product.
5. Reduce waste.

The modern food industry requires perfection in product purity. This requires specialized equipment to achieve the purities the toll customers require. JAM JAM frequently builds customer-specific machinery to meet the customers’ needs.

The grain is processed mainly to improve the digestibility of its starch. Processing improves starch digestibility by 8–15%. We often process Cereal grains such as wheat, millet, rice, barley, oats, rye, triticale, sorghum, and maize (corn).

Why Jam Jams Group?

Our range of services includes seed processing, seed grading, seed cleaning, grain processing, and fine cleaning. Your Customers look into processing plant for products that are graded and sorted properly to meet all safety regulations and will give them consistent yield. That’s where JAM JAM GROUP comes in. Jam Jam is specialized in seed and grain improvement, grading and processing, and offer a large diversity of cleaning and grading services for all kinds of grain, seed, and pulses. To know how to clean and grade seeds requires certain expertise, which Jam Jam has gained since its formation in 1995. With a combination of leading-edge technology, depth of experience and broad knowledge, we offer large and small projects, tailored to meet the requirements of our customers.

As a worldwide provider to the seed market, Jam Jam additionally holds a whole product programme of machines, making you able to design and build turn-key plants that not only is world class on the component level, but also second to none in turn-key plants ensuring purity and uniformity in size and shape. We are handling the entire process from top to bottom – starting with development, right down to procurement and production -everything completed at the JAM JAM GROUP own factories giving you the simplest product – tested and tried. Jam Jam considers our clients as partners with whom we have a common mission to deliver the best possible solution on time and on budget.

Seed processing depends on shape, size, weight, length, surface structure, color, and moisture content.  Because each crop seed possesses an individual seed structure. Seed processing plays a major part of the total technology involved in making available high-quality seed. Seed processing includes all the operations after harvest that aim at maximizing seed viability, vigor, and health. The methods of seed processing play a major role in seed quality. The performance of different methods of processing with accuracy and efficiency will enhance the performance of seed.  Jam Jam Group processes and packs 40 Lac Packets of seed every year.

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