Seed Cold Storage

Seed Cold Storage

Cold Storage Services

Our Cold Storage In Hyderabad is equipped with cutting – edge tools and customized cubicles to maintain vigor and vitality of the seed from procurement to provision. The group has a total Cold Storage capacity of 40,000 tons spread over 6 locations.

Advanced monitoring set-up generates low humidity to enable cold rooms to store seeds and hygroscopic substances.

Physical inspections of the individual product and packet by highly competent and committed staff, continuous remote monitoring of RH and temperature across the chambers and prevention of thermal leakages ensure the seed is meticulously preserved and delivered, in as is the condition.

Parent Seed Cold Storage:

Parent Seed is the sustenance of a seed company.. Then customized environment with accurate required temperature and Relative Humidity is set up in Parent Seed Cold Storage sector for the successful preservation of the seed.

Commercial Seed Cold Storage:

Humidity controlled JJ Group of Cold Storage to preserve commercial seeds in the highest levels of international standards with the entire seed being palletized and racked.

Faster Market Reachability

Real me monitoring of temp, RH & Inventory

Grill lock key storage

Authorized bio metrics access

Seed Lockers

24x7 Security