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Packing, Contract Packing & Repacking Services In India

What We Do?

Primary Packing

Secondary Packaging

Shelf Ready Packing


Dry & Wet Filling

Repacking, Bulking & Staking

Options We Offer?

At our facilities, we can process products into or from bulk bags, multi-wall bags, poly bags, drums, bag-in-box, Gaylord boxes, bulk trucks, or bulk rail.

Our product labeling options include laser or inkjet printing, labels, stamps, stenciling, pre-printed stickers, or pre-printed bags.

We can receive and warehouse inbound shipments of your packaging materials or source them on your behalf as part of a turnkey contract manufacturing solution

Retail packaging pouches come with a variety of options, depending on whether you need your product to lay flat, stand upright or more. Cartons have been a popular retail service option for many years. Cartons provide product protection. They can also be resealed for easy storage.

We will code your individual retail packages, your multi-pack cartons and bundles, and your master shipping cases.

We can efficiently fill pails, drums, jars, bottles, and pouches ranging from ounces to tons. We can label your containers and provide complete toll-processing/private label manufacturing for your dry powdered or granular products.

Why Choose Us?

  • Cost-Efficient: We take care of the equipment, labor, and plant maintenance which can reduce your capital expenditure and operating costs.
  • Flexible: Our cost-effective pricing models allow you to maintain productivity and increase margins as your volumes grow.
  • No Shortage: Customers see your product they have a chance to consume it, and thus, presentation clearly matters. In addition to aesthetic design, your packaging must provide all of the necessary details required for well-informed purchasing decisions throughout the supply chain no matter where you exist within the larger supply chain.
  • Integrated climate: Controlled storage space of 6 Million CFT
  • Re-bagging from super-sacks to smaller packs and vice versa

Finished liquid product as per your specifications can be prepared and packed in totes, drums, or tank trucks

Finished products can be packed in bags

Other Services:

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