Pharmaceutical Packaging

Pharmaceutical Packaging

Pharma Powder & Liquid Packing

Pharmaceutical Packaging is done for protection, identification, info, convenience, integrity and stability of the product. The choice of packaging material will depend on: The degree of protection required compatibility with the dosage form, customer convenience e.g.: size, weight of dosage form, filling method, and sterilization method to be employed and cost. Packaging plays an important role in serving as a branding aid and providing barrier protection to products for the shelf life period. It is increasingly playing a vital role in ensuring overall patient safety by carrying key information pertaining to the product, ensuring tamper-evidence and traceability of products. It is increasingly playing a vital role in ensuring overall patient safety by carrying key information pertaining to the product and traceability of products. Pharma Packing industry is thriving with modernization. As Indian pharma companies continue to expand further into regulated markets, it is imperative that the allied industries of packaging move beyond the value proposition of cost advantage, especially the rapidly evolving regulatory landscape. JAM JAM Packaging Services rise to the challenge and got future-ready to support the pharma players in their quest for growth. Packaging refers to the method of style, evaluation, and production of packages.

Future growth for packaging firms are going to be driven by the food and company sectors, and given regulatory implications in both these industries, companies which can offer clients reliability and a familiarity with regulatory requirements will be able to stand out in this crowded space. Therefore JAM JAM GROUP offers packaging considering development of specialized focus in these sectors. Between the two segments, pharma offers wider possibility of margin accretion compared to food where higher realization could be limited to segments such as organic or ready-to-eat foods.

A key priority for packaging is to support the broader health sector in promoting medication adherence. Pharma Packaging brands may reap the rewards of pioneering child-friendly packaging. Often gas, moisture, heat, microbe contamination, sterility, etc damage quality are causes for serious harm. So the product life depends on packaging material. Packaging should offer protection against climate, biological, physical and chemical hazards and must be economical. On the opposite hand, the pharma packaging sector is undergoing changes in its own right.

Our primary responsibility is to manufacture tablets and liquid formulations – either as stand-alone units or as part of an integrated packaging line. We have experience in this sector and therefore our technology is based on sound practical knowledge whilst embracing new developments.


  • Packaging Preserves the Integrity of the merchandise
  • Packaging Improves Medication Adherence.
  • Packaging is meant to uphold the very best Medical Standards.
  • Packaging Reinforces Brand Preference.
  • Improving & enhancing packaging solutions for existing drugs.


  • Biotech Packaging
  • Bottling
  • Capsules
  • Cartooning
  • Compliance Packaging
  • Pouching
  • Primary Packing
  • Repacking
  • Secondary Packaging

The immense importance of medicine is inarguable. However, as a business owner, you must conjointly think about however necessary pharmaceutical packaging is for your product. Remember, the integrity of medical packaging is evaluated with equal attention and rigor as the product itself.

Need help in ensuring your products’ safety? Contact us today, and find out how we can help improve your products’ packaging.





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