Pharma Cold Storage

Pharma Cold Storage

Based On Your Temperature Specifications, We Have The Expertise To Build A Custom Cold Chain Solution

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Pharmaceutical Cold Storage Services

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Pharmaceutical Cold storages enhance quality by extending their period of time. Longer transit times, extreme climate change between origination and destination, and shipping delays all increase the risk profile during transport. Changes in product due to temperature fluctuation can cause millions of dollars in revenue loss and delay delivery of drugs. Our Cold Storage Pharmaceutical Services strengthens the pharmaceutical supply chain by helping clients manage these risks. Cold storage pharmaceutical is extremely essential and complicated business. Our pharma cold storage is highly regulated and works with tight tolerances for the maintenance of temperature. The Indian pharmaceutical industry is even expected to see 100% growth in this sector by 2021. Better warehousing will facilitate exponential growth by creating a lean distribution channel. Demand for large warehousing facilities is set to increase for the pharmaceutical industry.

1. Room Temperature
2. Cold Storage Conditions

1. Temperature controls
2. Fully air mapped and secure
3. External temp logging & data tracking
4. The volume of the medicinal product

We also need to consider the fact that manufactured drugs have evolved to contain more high-value ingredients. They have a shorter shelf life and stricter temperature requirements for storage. Thus, the need for temperature control and monitoring through the entire supply chain has increased. Even drugs that are safe at room temperature may need protocols to avoid the risks associated with transportation at ambient temperatures.

Our cold storage unit utilizes 100% redundant cooling system maintaining the temperature. The unit is monitored 24/7. The majority of cold chains are in the segments of bio pharmaceuticals, dairy, seafood, meat, food and beverages. All these directly serve large processed producers and export-centric segments. To reduce spoilage, many collateral management companies have started looking at cold chains aggressively, resulting in the annual 30-plus per cent growth of this industry estimated for the next few years. Cold rooms are very important because they help to prolong the shelf life of goods. They are also effective in reducing the amount of waste and in lengthening the time frame for marketing these products. Reducing costs and cutting emissions are among the top priorities for producers and manufacturers. Therefore, our cold storage facilities are built to conserve energy. We’ve helped pharma distributors minimize wasted inventory with smarter store replenishment strategies designed to get products on shelves faster and keep them there longer. In addition to providing services, we also interact and network with varied leading companies, gain sights, and get International exposure and knowledge by industry and much more. Our growing network includes warehouses with temperature- and humidity-controlled environments to ensure that products remain in optimal conditions during transit and storage. Add our 24/7 monitoring services to achieve the profitability outcomes.

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