Turnkey Projects

Turnkey Projects

Turnkey Projects

Infrastructure Consulting with 25 Years of Experience

We are Advanced and right for the Work. Less time, Good Quality & Best Service

JAM JAM Infra Consulting is a wing of Jam Jam Group providing Cold Storage & Warehouse consulting services. Supportive infrastructure is the backbone for successful operations. Our consultancy division is managed by experienced and well qualified professionals who have commissioned some of the best cold storages across the country. Turnkey refers to something that is ready for immediate use, generally used in the sale or supply of goods or services. Whether you require a replacement, renovation, expansion or completely new system, our Project Managers can help you save time and money, while protecting you from all kinds of risks. JAM JAM provides a sound project set up and takes care of its implementation. We offer customised turnkey project management solutions. We ensure that the client receives benefit of optimal cost and quality, while all the work from design to clearances to implementation to commissioning will be managed by us.

We will help you in:

  • Assisting and developing the financial plan
  • Provide guidance to advisers in presenting the plan in a way that provides clarity and peace of mind for clients.
  • Upgrading and adaptation of existing systems
  • Installation, start-up, testing and handover
  • In-depth expertise
  • Minimisation of risks (hazardous situations)
  • Coordination with suppliers and integration of different systems
  • We also ensure that regulations are complied with, during the construction process and in the end result.
  • The entire work is managed and controlled by us on behalf of the client. Purchases will be made in the name of the client (unless otherwise requested).
  • Extremely qualified and intimate employees with the capabilities to finish
  • Being fair and ethical at all times (Credibility)

Why Jam Jam?

  • Experience and reputation since 2001
  • Specializing in cold storage construction
  • Project handling from concept to keys
  • Acclaimed for projects on time & within budget
  • Unparalleled safety record
  • Reputed for Quality, Dependability, Performance
  • Skilled & Experienced Project Team

Our Consultancy Services:

Cold Storages: Our expert term will take care of your entire cold storage requirement. Not just from conceptualizing to execution but after too. With our rich experience in managing cold storage’s .Would even support you in designing the operations. End to end and more

Some of our clients include Hindustan Lever Limited, iClean and many more

Project Planning: Planning, Designing, Procurement, Execution, Quality Control & Billing.

Our Projects: Designed and Constructed Seed cold storages. We are also into managing seed cold storages where world class seed companies are storing 40 LAC CFT of seed per year.

Client Name:  Monsanto India Ltd

 Capacity: 6, 47,000 sft

Commodity: Seeds

Type of project: Consultancy

Location: Yellampet, Hyderabad

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