Seed Cold Storage

Seed Cold Storage

Jam Jams Group – 10 Million CFT Storage Capacity In India

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We Can Receive, Sort, Stack & Dispatch 50,000 Tons Of Seed Each Year

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India’s Best Cold Storage Service Provider

Services We Offer:

Personalized customer service

Availability and reliability


Finest state -of-art Facilities

Implemented with pest control procedures

Independence of products between chambers

Loading and unloading of trucks and containers.

Offer great flexibility and improved efficiency

Operated by an experienced team

Preserve hygiene

Prevent cold loss

Prevents entry of insects and contaminants

Product traceability management

Reliable and timely


Time to time reports

Unique design for generating low humidity environment

Wide Temperature range and capacity

Why Jam Jams Group?

Our Cold Storage In Hyderabad is equipped with cutting – edge tools and customized cubicles to maintain vigor and vitality of the seed from procurement to provision. The group has a total Cold Storage capacity of 40,000 tons spread over 6 locationsAdvanced monitoring set-up generates low humidity to enable cold rooms to store seeds and hygroscopic substances.

Physical inspections of the individual product and packet by highly competent and committed staff, continuous remote monitoring of RH and temperature across the chambers, and prevention of thermal leakages ensure the seed is meticulously preserved and delivered, in as is the condition.

Parent Seed Cold Storage:

Parent Seed is the sustenance of a seed company. Then a customized environment with accurate required temperature and Relative Humidity is set up in the Parent Seed Cold Storage sector for the successful preservation of the seed.

Commercial Seed Cold Storage:

Humidity controlled JJ Group of Cold Storage to preserve commercial seeds in the highest levels of international standards with the entire seed being palletized and racked. Seed storage is the preservation of seeds in controlled environmental conditions to maintain seed viability for long periods. The longevity of seeds depends on initial seed quality, moist content, and temperature throughout storage. In general, low moist content scale backs the loss of seed viability. Different combinations of moisture content and temperature can be used to prolong seed viability during storage. The seed storage varies on temperature and conditions like medium temperature X low ratio for long seed storage; Medium temperature X high humidness for germination rooms; controlled temperature and ratio with day/light simulations; similarly as a clean house for tissue culture applications.

Multiple factors contribute to seed deterioration. Successful seed storage is dependent upon three primary factors: (1) initial seed moisture content, (2) storage temperature combined with ratio, and (3) initial seed quality. The type of seed packaging/container used can even have an impression on the time period, particularly if the RH is high. Some styles of packaging will absorb wet from the air, or allow it to penetrate to the seed. RH is not so important if the seed is stored and sealed in containers or another non-absorbent packaging that does not allow the moisture to penetrate into the seed.


Few Of Our Projects

Yellampet, Hyderabad – 4000 Ton Storage Capacity

Kottur, Hyderabad – 5000 Ton Capacity

Toopran Hyderabad – 5000 Ton Storage Capacity

Bandla Milaram, Hyderabad – 5-25 TPH Processing

Raipur, Chhattisgarh – 5000 Ton Storage Capacity

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