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JAM JAM GROUP – End to End integrated service provider with their wide range of services from multiplication of seed to distribution of the final product. That Can Match Any Client Requirement.
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Multiplication of seed to distribution of the final product.

Contract Seed Production

Jam Jams Group’s dedicated team of Seed Production experts, with expertise in seed production, spans India. From scouting and selection of production fields, fertility programs, pesticide and growth regulator recommendations, to swathing, harvest timing and cover crop management, Seed Production experts are there every step of the way to help seed companies maximize returns.

  • Hybrid and OPV
  • Open Field, Net House, and Green House Production

Crops we deal with

Vegetable Seed Production

Hot PepperHot Pepper
Egg PlantEgg Plant

Field Crop Seed Production

Soya BeanSoya Bean
Contact UsContact Us

Field Operations

Field Selection

well levelled with good irrigation and drainage system field

Strict Isolation

Strict compilation of isolation for best genetic purity

Field Preparation

Fertile and well prepared for good germination and good crop growth.

Best Sowing Method

Crop row and plant spacing are maintained for optimum plant populations for high yield.


Adapted of proper staggering for perfect synchronization

Planting Ratio

Correct sowing arrangement ratio of Female and male lines are followed for optimum plant population

Field Monitoring

Scheduled field monitoring for supervision of crop from sowing to harvesting to ensure timely operations for best quality seed and good seed yield.

Agronomic Management

Proper management of supplying fertilizer, nutrition, and irrigation timely.

Plant Protection

Timely disease and insect pest management to prevent damage to the crop


Timely to rogue from vegetative stage to harvesting most important at critical stages Vegetative stage, Pre-flowering stage, Flowering stage, Maturity stage


Frequent observations to check nicking / synchronization status


Best practices of emasculation for non sterile female line.


Good pollination practice is followed is for good yielding.


Necessary care will be taken to avoid any admixture male and female rows

Post – Harvest Operations

Proper Threshing, Ginning, Delinting, Optimum Moisture % Drying, Seed Processing, Packing and Labeling, Storage are carried out for damage free and quality seed delivery.

Real - Time Reporting

Our production team capture crop information using latest software technology and publish them to our clients on Realtime basis these information’s include location mapping, weather report, daily and critical tasks, yield estimations etc.

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