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Seed Processing

Since our first seed processing unit in 2001, we have been building state-of-the-art seed cleaning and processing facility by features the newest technology which allowed us to maintain the highest quality in the seed we process. We focus on finding equipment that adds value to our systems without sacrificing the finer details. Accurate and timely data is important to our customers, and our inventory and data systems transfer information with speed and precision. Our goal is to provide customers with actionable data to help them succeed.

Currently we have are serving across globe year round to clean the right seed for the right market.

Seed Treatment

Seed treating is a cornerstone of the seed industry, and we are dedicated to using the best seed treating technology to give our customers the best product possible.

Seed Packing

We are specialized in packaging to our customers specifications. We have fully automated fail proof packaging systems and equipment that ensures we end up with the most professional looking finished product. Our inventory tracking guarantees your order is properly tracked. We are also capable of repacking unused seed and recertifying it for next year.


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JAM JAMS GROUP Seed Processing Services In India

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