Food Packing

Food Packing

Food Packaging, Contract Packaging

Our food packaging help customers to create sustainable, environment friendly and purposeful packaging solutions. We offer re-packaging options too for those who need ingredients prepared for subsequent production stages down the line.

Our Innovative packaging service:

  1. Active and intelligent food packaging: Active and intelligent food packaging plays a key role in the preservation of food as it allows the package to interact with the food and the environment. By using the coating, micro perforations, lamination, co-extrusion, polymer binding; selective permeation can be manipulated to alter the atmospheric concentration of gases inside the food package in accordance to oxidation and respiration kinetics of food. Oxygen Scavengers: The presence of oxygen inside the package can accelerate oxidative reactions which may result in food deterioration. Oxygen facilitates the growth of aerobic bacteria, moulds which may lead to generation of off-flavour, off-odour and reduce the nutritional quality. Therefore, oxygen scavenger is used to eliminate the oxygen from the food package and to prevent the undesirable changes. Oxygen scavenger can be in sachets that can be kept in headspace, labels, films or closures. These are successfully used in the meat industry.
  2. Carbon Dioxide Absorbers and Emitters: Carbon dioxide has the benefits as it retards the microbial growth in meat, poultry, cheese and baked food products. Carbon dioxide available in various forms like moisture activated bicarbonate chemicals in sachets and so on.
  3. Moisture Control Agents: The presence of excess moisture inside the food package is detrimental to its quality, as it may lead to caking in case of powdered food products, softening of crispy foods. Therefore, moisture control agents are used to control the water activity, reduce microbial growth, remove unfrozen water in frozen foods, prevent condensation from fresh produce, and retard the rate of lipid oxidation. Therefore, desiccants like silica gel, natural clays, and calcium oxide can be used for meat, poultry, fruits and vegetables packaging. The moisture control agents can be in sachet form.
  4. Ethylene Absorbers and Adsorbers: Ethylene is one of the natural plant hormone formed during ripening of the produce. It is responsible for the maturity and senescence. These agents can be incorporated in the sachet form.
  5. Temperature Control: Self-Heating and Cooling. It can be used for plastic coffee cans, military rations etc.
  6. Automation in Packaging Machinery: Different machines are used on the production line for various foods. Robotic system can be used for packaging of meats and chocolates into the trays at a faster rate and also they fulfill the hygienic requirements as well. This system can handle four production lines and multiple product types at a time.
  7. Safety, Traceability and Supply Chain: Traceability is very important not only for food safety but also for the authenticity of the product. Traceability is considered to be the entire information for each step in the process chain.
  8. Automated Inspection: It is very important, as it is not only going to reduce the cost of labor but also leads to higher productivity.
  9. Packaging Printing and Security: The printing inks used should be safe to use and must be made from organic compound. For plastic cartons or rappers, flexography printing process can be used. The electron beam printing procedure can also be used which prevents the usage of heat and light for coating and drying of adhesives.
  10. Software Applications: Software system plays a significant role within the food business. It can support the internal supply chain management, production process, real-time automation and control, data collection as well as reporting.
  11. E-Maintenance: It is now becoming a well known trend in the food industries. It integrates the software backbone, information and communication technology for remote monitoring and control. Now, the human centred maintenance can easily be replaced with the sensor work, radio frequency identification system, apps and open system standards.

Product categories we deal with:

  • Plant Proteins
  • Bakery Blends
  • Dairy Powders
  • Drink Mixes
  • Starches
  • Soy
  • Malt
  • Salt
  • Flours
  • Ancient Grains
  • Sugar/ Sweeteners

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