Seed Treatment

Seed Treatment

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NAVAPANCHA Seed Treatment

NAVAPANCHA Organic Seed Treatment is a product of Jam Jam Bio Grovers. Jam Jam Bio Grover is a sister concern company of Jam Jam Group of Companies. Jam Jam Group is a family-owned group of companies, rendering it services to Seed Industry since 1995, as a one stop solution provider for seed producing companies Jam Jam group offers Seed Processing, Seed Treatment , Bio Fertilizers, Cold Storages, Warehousing, Integrated Logistics and Distribution, Packing and Packaging services to their multinational esteemed clients. Our Organic Seed Treatment is a natural and cost effective way for seed producers and growers to increase seed potential naturally in terms of increasing seed germination, early and uniform growth, high level of disease control, longer storability and production yield. We thrive to provide quality product and customer centric services and solutions to our clients.

We pledge to build a customer-centric company by adopting the latest seed technologies and standards and provide quality product and customer centric services and solutions to our customers.


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Fossil fuel production & consumption
Bosnia and Herzegovina AFG 1968 1.01762501 20.24471
Botswana AFG 1969 1.107176011 24.43576
Brazil AFG 1970 1.335124013 31.10772
Brunei AFG 1971 1.099035011 31.73397
Bulgaria AFG 1972 0.578011006 34.85317
Burma AFG 1973 0.952497009 37.51473
Burundi AFG 1974 0.936215009 38.53841
Cambodia AFG 1975 1.221150012 35.63598

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