The UAE aims to achieve zero hunger by 2051. With the national food security strategy and Agri-Tech is at the center.

Bhadiya is the first commercial vertical farm in the UAE and the region. We chose Dubai because it’s a hub for innovation, hospitality and aviation industries are fully developed. As a region we have been agriculturally challenged, our import stand at 80%+ throughout the year. The government here are extremely supportive; we have been in close talks with both the Ministry of climate change environment, and the minister of future food security to see how they could support us in expanding our facilities. We could grow all year round, sustainably, using 90% less water; we don’t use any pesticides, and reducing the carbon footprint. The UAE has 1000+ hydroponic greenhouses. We plan on continuing to innovate and develop our growing systems, so we could grow other types of crops, after which we can start expanding regionally.

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