Food Processing

Food Processing

Food Processing Services In India

Jam Jam Group is one of the leading Food Processing services providers in India. We process Grains, Flour, Rice, Vegetables, Nuts & Kernel as per the customer requirement.

Why Choose Us?

  • On time market reachability
  •  Transparent escalation matrix
  •  Real me inventory control
  •  High Hygenic Environment
  •  State of art facilities
  •  Latest Technology
  •  High performance and quality machinery
  •  24×7 Security
  •  Award winning customer support

In the food processing world, nothing is more constant than change. We must keep pace with food and societal trends such as convenience foods, organic and healthy foods and portion control. Consumers and retailers now a days are additional aware of food safety than ever before. We are the right food processing company to meet your needs and we ensure our commitment to quality, flexibility and speed.

We additionally pride ourselves on our ability to customise food process choices to suit no matter distinctive needs you would possibly have. If you need any solution, let us know. Furthermore, we’ll continue adapting to your desires as they evolve with time. To learn more about food processing solutions, schedule a free appointment with our team today.

Ensuring the security of ingredients may be a priority for food production business. With the fragile balances maintained between production volume, flavor and texture, and governmental regulations, very tight control must be maintained over food processes. We provide the subsequent services for food process, quality assurance, and detection of contaminants and microbes. Our great focus on processing for the food firms puts us in the best position to understand your business and offer just what you need.

Food process units act as a linkage between agriculture and industries. Reports indicated that Food processing reduces food wastage and help in attaining food security. Processed food requires less space for storage. Processed food can be exported. The Indian food process business has outstanding capability to grow, considering the still promising levels of processing currently. Though India’s agricultural production base is much sturdy, wastage of agricultural produce is large.

Food processing is any activity that changes the raw food stuff or semi-finished food into a suitable form for the use of shopper. India has good status in producing numerous food products like milk, ginger, banana, guava, papaya, and mango. It has second rank within the production of rice, wheat, potato, sugarcane, cashew nut, tea. India is among the highest five countries in manufacturing occasional, tobacco, spices, and seeds. With such a huge raw material base, it can be assessed that India becomes the leading supplier of food items around the globe.

Global population growth in the last few centuries has made the need for food production and processing an important issue. Agro & Food Processing industry has been a leading contributor to the Indian economy for many decades. Businesses in this industry must frequently play victim to monsoons, market demand, and supply constraints. These considerations make the Food Processing industry a fast- paced and challenging industry to excel as a business.

Flexible solutions

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