Pharma Processing

Pharma Processing

Pharma Processing

Here you’ll experience the different methods, product innovations & applications we deliver to Pharmaceutical process.

Drug discovery and development is very expensive. Pharmaceutical processing is one of the processes in drug industry and can be divided into several unit operations like blending, granulation, milling, coating, filling and others. Pharmaceutical manufacturing process has precise requirements and manufacturing guidelines in terms of quality. Over the past decade, there are vast advancements in science and engineering to support the innovation in pharmaceuticals producing. Pharmaceutical industry is changing into progressively complicated with multi-step processing, where the product from one step becomes a starting material for the next step, until the finished drug product is synthesized. Some solvents should be segregated during processing. The pharmaceutical industry produces millions of tablets each day, in which all of them must be carefully scrutinised before being packed and shipped to distributors. During this scrutiny, we must ensure that the correct amount of medication, with the exact chemical composition and weight are precisely packed into the appropriate containers.

JAM JAM pharmaceutical packaging systems use automation to manage bottle orientation, capping, labelling and bulking systems. We ensure that bottles and boxes with the correct labelling affixed. The equipment used for powder and liquid have been quality checked throughout the process, which saves the time getting product into market. Upon completion, the liquid and tablets are packaged and immediately ready for sales and distribution.

In continuous manufacturing, input raw materials fed into the system at a constant rate, and at the same time, a constant extraction of output products is achieved. Accurate and consistent delivery of materials by well-designed feeders ensures overall method stability. Current technologies and innovations in industry can improve the efficiencies of both the manufacturing and regulatory processes. Continuous real-time quality is ensured. In the pharmaceutical business, a wide range of excipients may be blended together with the active pharmaceutical ingredient to create the final blend which is used to manufacture the solid dosage form. The range of materials that may be blended, presents a number of variables which must be addressed to achieve target product quality attributes. These variables may include the particle size distribution (including aggregates or lumps of material), particle shape (spheres, rods, cubes, plates, and irregular), presence of moisture (or other volatile compounds), particle surface properties (roughness, cohesion), and powder flow properties. Our packaging machinery provides economical solutions for making ready pharmaceutical products for distribution. The newest pharmaceutical packaging instrumentality will embrace sealers, label applicators, case packers, hand packing stations and hard film over wrappers.

Additionally, different kinds of liquid are used for the processing in pharmaceutical industry. As such, each individual product requires a precise measurement that makes one unit-dose size different than the next. No matter the precise want, is it liquid or solid, JAM JAM pharmaceutical packaging machinery is versatile enough to figure at intervals the requirements of the processing and packing.

We developed this specifically for customers. JAM JAM GROUP ensures flexibility, reliability, security and profitability in your production. Powder, liquid and highly viscous pharmaceutical products are processed in nest or in bulk form and packed in Vials or bottles. Our machinery is perfectly complemented by innovative isolators. This ensures that complex process to turn into simple.





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