Seed Packing

Seed Packing

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Packing & Repacking

Seed Packing And Repacking is a part of a marketing strategy by which companies not only allure consumers but also instil confidence in their minds about the service provided by the companies.

Jam Jam Group presents affordable, consistent, and efficient Agricultural Packaging Services, which helps customers, focus their total time and resources on product management and business growth. The customers can rely on JJ Group’s competence and hassle-free Seed Packaging Solutions for their one-time requirement or long-term obligations.

Blending, Treatment, Drying and Packing along with Automated Secondary Packing.

We are offering Sustainable Eco Packaging services at affordable prices

We also offer:

Pesticides Packaging Pouch: Pesticides are extraordinarily reactive and toxic naturally and therefore, their proper packaging is of utmost importance. Pesticides Packaging Pouch ensures the pesticides are packed in a safe manner with properly sealed ends. It ought to offer most attainable protection from ground wet, rain, insect pests, moulds, rodents, birds, fore etc., It ought to shield grain from excessive wet and temperature favourable to each insect and mold development. It should be economical.

It is vital to package seed in dry containers for correct storage. To maintain the aromatic and savory qualities of varied seeds, it is essential to pack them properly and safely. The variety of seed packaging material offered by Jam Jam Group are often used for packing various seeds like crop seeds, oil seeds, fruit seeds, vegetable seeds and herbal seeds.

The factors to be considered while selecting the packaging materials are:

  • Kind of seeds to be packed
  • Quantity of seed
  • Value of seed
  • Cost of packaging material
  • Storage setting during which the packed materials are control
  • Period of storage
  • Transport of seed

In order to increase the storage amount of the seeds, it is vital to think about seed packaging. Seed companies make billions of dollars, but without proper packaging and shipping of products they could not be successful.

If you’re a seed company, looking for packaging services give us a call at 8340 937776 and learn more we offer for all packaging and processing needs. Happy planting!

Seeds & Agrochemicals Packaging Material permit qualitative packaging support as per the particular demands of the purchasers. Here, our experience lies in with success arising with form of packaging support not just for seeds however conjointly for agrochemical based mostly production units.

From manufacturing cloth bags for seed companies, we are now diversified into seed processing, cold storage, seed treatment, bio agri inputs, warehousing, packing & repacking and agri-logistics in 2019.

30 Lac per year packing capacity



Repacking (Market Return Handling)

5 Locations

Packing capacity of 72,000 per day

Pouch-in-Pouch (120 gms, 50 gms or any other)

Automated Secondary Packing

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