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Packing & Repacking.

Food Packaging is a part of a marketing strategy by which companies not only allure consumers but also instill confidence in their minds about the service provided by the companies.

Jam Jam Group presents affordable, consistent, and efficient food packaging services, which helps customers, focus their total time and resources on product management and business growth.

The customers can rely on JJ Group’s competence and hassle-free packaging solutions for their one-time requirement or long-term obligations.

30 Lac per year packing capacity



Repacking (Market Return Handling)

5 Locations

Cotton, Vegetable & other Agro Commodities

Multiple Dedicated Facilities with packing capacity of 72,000 per day

Blending, Treatment, Drying and Packing along with Automated Secondary Packing

Pouch-in-Pouch (120 gms, 50 gms or any other)